My People

  • helping solopreneurs, nonprofits and companies take their brands from “blah to booming”

    branding and design consultant

    RoseRedd Etc

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  • DJ’s are on the 1’s and 2’s, Katrina is on the 0’s and 1’s…codetastic!

    web development + maintenance

    Riot Customs

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  • Copyeditor + Word Stylist, Writing Partner extraordinaire



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  • CFO to the stars!

    Fractional CFO

    Kenya M. Sykes

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  • Stylist for badass women on the move who want to up their style quotient!

    Personal Brand Stylist + Wardrobe Consultant

    Anthony Palmer

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  • My People – For-profit and nonprofit organizations, Entrepreneurs, Mid-level professionals, and Executives to assist them in improving their job competency through the foundation of empathetic understanding and the need for more compassion and transparency at work.

    Nonprofit Consultant

    Danielle Henry

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  • Empowering C-Suite leaders with Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) tools & strategy to lead values-aligned biz

    Strategist, Data, and Leading with Love & Equity

    Jillian “Mama J” Love

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  • career equity evangelist, coach and speaker


    Mazarine Treyz

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  • a leading talent broker firm. She works with fast-growing organizations focused in education, technology, venture capital, and professional services. Offor leads talent searches and Ify advises founders, boards, and CEOs on how to build a strong talent philosophy, culture, and pipeline.

    talent broker + equity warrior

    Ifeyinwa "Ify" Walker

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  • Before I go – a word from our Sponsors. When you click the link to these programs and services I may receive a small commission or affiliate payment. Which simply means that if you decide to purchase (and I hope you do because these programs are dynamite) I will get paid. And that’s a good thing because we are here to change our stories about money. Money is a tool. When used correctly, it has the power to change lives, break generational curses and do good in the world. Thank you for coming to my affiliate

    Tools I Use

  • Email marketing can be confusing and daunting and when you have NO time — it seems darn near impossible. Convertkit helps me talk to YOU – my fab crew – about what’s on my mind AND what you want to learn.

    Email Marketing


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  • I’ve used lots of Donor Management Software but Bloomerang is my jam. It has an easy to understand user interface, crazy detailed analytics and tons of ways to make giving easy and donor retention a breeze.

    Donor Management Software


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  • Dubsado makes managing your business…easier. If you’re a small business owner you know you spend hours not just in your business but also ON your business. Get 20% off your 1st month using my link!

    Business Management Software


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  • My life is run by my calendar. I’ve used lots of tools over the years but Acuity helps me stay organized, properly manage my time and ensure my clients have a seamless experience.

    Appointment Scheduling


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  • All The THINGS (for your life and business) for my Fab Crew. Clothing, Books, Tech…you name it! If I used it and I love it, I’ll recommend it here.

    Business Management Software

    My Amazon Store

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  • Business Management Software


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  • Business Management Software


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  • Podcast Hosting


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  • Learning Management System


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  • Programs I love

  • Are You Ready to Decolonize Your Leadership?

    No Distractions. Center Equity. Create Justice.

    An equity-centered leadership development 1-day intensive for senior leaders + biz owners

    Lead 4 Justice VIP Day

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  • Raise More from the Right Funders Without Hounding Them

    Power Partners Formula ™

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  • You can think of it as a Netflix for Nonprofits – including new relevant content added weekly. PRO is all about making learning fun, accessible and transferrable – mobilizing nonprofits to grow their impact around the globe.

    We Are For Good

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  • Nonprofit Leadership Lab – Join Now!

    Skip the line and waitlist with my invitation to join The Lab!

    The Lab is an online program for board and staff leaders of smaller nonprofits who want to: Gain deeper skills. Connect with other nonprofit leaders. Learn from world-leading experts. Stop reinventing the wheel.

    Nonprofit Leadership Lab

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  • How to Overcome a Dysfunctional Board

    You can’t have a thriving nonprofit without a high-performing board!

    But you CAN fix a low-performing board. And it won’t even take that long.

    Build the Board of Your Dreams Webinar

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  • The 5 Practices of Outstanding Nonprofit Leaders

    You’re a nonprofit leader who does whatever it takes for your organization to thrive.

    It’s time to lead with more intention.

    5 Practices of an Outstanding Nonprofit Webinar

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