It doesn’t have to be this way! You can learn how to manage your team with integrity and ease, get great results, and retain your best employees.

Most Managers struggle because they have too much on their plates, but not enough time, energy, or the right set of skills to solve all the problems that come with managing a team. 

Each “thing” on its own is solvable; after all,  it’s just a daily work challenge. But put them all together and you have a dangerous cocktail of WTH + OMG = Management meltdown!

You know as leaders we are always looking for ways to help our staff, but then we forget about ourselves. Ever done that? 

You’ve gotten so busy (and good) at finding ways to transform processes, build new programs, and improve techniques that you don’t focus on you. Each year you read 10 new books (okay you skim them and listen to the audiobook) to move your business forward, and you learn a great deal of new concepts. 

Yet, OVER HALF of what you planned as you sat up until midnight is NEVER implemented because where is the TIME? Deep Sigh. 

And here’s the real problem - 70% of your team's success depends on YOU. You heard me – your team's success depends on y-o-u.

Managers excel when they:

  • Can communicate effectively -- even in tough situations 
  • Can cultivate trust -- because your team knows you have their back 
  • Can inspire action -- because you practice what you preach so your team will follow 
  • Can understand the nuances of solving personality related problems - because without your people, your company can’t function
  • Can get sh*t done -- while empowering your team to own their part

Wondering how to do all that? That’s what Kish Camp is for!


Hone your communication skills


Organize your delegation process


Prepare and refine your staff development calendar


Share your vulnerabilities in a safe space


Fill your backpack with solutions & strategies for people management success


Is Kish Camp Right for You?
Here’s What You’ll Get:

Information without the Overload: You’ll get the best and most effective advice I’ve learned from thousands of books, conferences, trainings, and personal client experiences I’ve had over the last 20 years distilled into Kish Camp. No fluff included! Crucial Mangement.

Real-Life Solutions: Participate in campfire discussion using real issues and receive real solutions to store in your management backpack.

Vibrantly Virtual Delivery: This ain’t your regular management training. And it’s definitely not the same old Zoom call. You’ll be happy you came to camp this summer. Can you give 1 or 2 examples of what will be different?

Let’s get right to it.

Hi! I'm Kishshana and I know you because I was you. I remember being excited to be promoted to manager but then realizing I didn’t actually have the skills to do the job! Even though we get our degrees and certifications, that doesn’t mean we know how to manage the day to day realities of leading a team. 

You’ve read all the books. You’ve listened to all the podcasts, but something isn’t translating to team success. You might be fumbling on how to handle colleague to colleague power struggles, you’re trying to teach your next level directors how to become managers, and you still have a load of staff development you need to implement. I know all about this. I was you. 

You walk to your car each afternoon wondering if there really is a way to manage a team without losing all of your hair or drinking the entire bottle of wine? 

There is. 

The solution is Kish Camp.

I don’t know if you were a camper as a kid but my favorite part of camp was singing, learning oral history, and feeling connected through the nightly campfires. I still remember every song and story and the s'mores didn’t hurt either.

Kish Camp is a virtual adult summer camp so you can literally camp out (read - unplug) with me from the comfort of your home, favorite coffee shop, or hammock in your backyard.
You’ll receive your camp guide, your campers badge, and access to your camp week and then you can pack your bags (pen, pad, tablet, highlighters, and one of those big camping mugs too).

You’ll be able to select from ONE of four camp sessions so you can pick one that works for you. You only have to choose one session because we make it happen in one day. We are going to cover a ton on your day so think of it like the BEST day camp, ever. You'll be full, you'll be sun-drenched and tired but after your one day session you'll be an official Kish Camper.

Have team members you want to send to camp? They can pick their own week!

Session One: August 3, 2022
Session Two: August 10, 2022
Session Three: September 7, 2022
Session Four: September 14, 2022

Your camp week is broken into two parts: Camp Sessions and Campfires. Camp Sessions are where we gather live for our deep dive into a common trouble spot for today’s busy and tired people managers. Campfires are where we gather to practice what we learned. 

All Camp Sessions are from 10-3 PM EST (including lunch) with Campfires from 3-4 PM EST

During your camp experience, we will dive into 4 key areas of managing people well.


How to Delegate for Your Sanity (and results). You’ll learn how to hurdle the challenges of delegating well and tools that will support you as a manager and your team doing the work


It’s easy to just ready.set.go. You’ll learn how to plan for your teams development so that their professional aspirations and your business needs lineup and they will grow in their roles


Having conversations about personality conflicts and performance issues is tough stuff. You’ll learn how to navigate even the most challenging situations with ease


Terrible meetings ruin lives. Never have a useless meeting again. You’ll learn how to plan meetings your team will actually attend and how to get the most out of meetings you don’t run.

And you’ll be learning but it won’t really feel like work. Instead Kish Camp is as fun as summer camp was when you were a kid.

I’m a woman with a sweet tooth so I have a TREAT for you during this Summer Camp for Manager Masters. Let’s have SMORES together! We will:







... your management plan!

After your day at Kish Camp, you might realize you want more 1:1 time to go deeper in one area, create or refine your management strategy or have a thought partner who can help you solve some thorny team challenges you’re experiencing around retaining a healthy thriving team. This is YOUR chance to book additional time with me at a reduced Kish Camper rate. Think 90 additional minutes of 1:1 strategy and action planning time with me!

Investment: $5000 $2500


I’m Kishshana Palmer, CFRE and I am a management and leadership consultant, trainer and coach. I love managing people, and teaching others how to manage people and I’m damn good at it. It’s my jam!

I’ve spent the last 22+ years as a chief executive working at some amazing organizations. And I’ve managed over 80+ people across 7 teams zig-zagging the U.S. I’ve coached thousands more people on becoming better managers and leaders and my work is just getting started. I’m a certified Clifton Strengths Coach, Certified Board Governance Trainer, Q3 Leadership Coach, Enneagram and Human Design enthusiast, and relationship aficionado.

My management and leadership skills are hard-won. I’ve seen some things, y’all. And I’ve done some things too. Along the way, I realized I picked up a unique set of skills. Here are a few:

I can teach anything. I mean it. Give me the content and a few hours and I’ll have even your most resistant employees singing my tune.

I know how to coach. High performers? Check! Middle of the road folks with potential? Yep! Disengaged and fighting to stay with it? Ummmm Hmmmm - them too.

I can spot your unique strengths, pull them out of you, and teach you how to access them so you can excel at work (and not flip tables!)

Difficult employees are the peanut butter to my jelly. While I’m at it, so are difficult boards. I don’t know why, but I can handle even your toughest curmudgeon

I develop amazing managers annnnnnnd some amazing leaders.

I’m excited to lead Kish Camp!





Before you buy another management book, Come to Kish Camp THIS Summer!


We've got A's for your Q's

Is this a real camp experience?

Yes! But it’s virtual! You get all the benefits of camp - meeting new people, sitting around the campfire, and doing activities without having to travel anywhere (and without the mosquitoes). Just make sure you have 4 hours blocked to step outside your regular routine to come to Kish Camp  

Are these webinars?

Sort of. They are live (meaning I am there with you on camera) and since it’s an intimate session, you’ll get to interact with me and other management campers  

Will I be able to use what I learn?

Up to you! What you learn at Kish Camp you will also get to practice at Kish Camp. Which means you’ll be able to use it at work immediately.

Why’d you pick these topics?

These are the big topics that managers stumble over but don’t want to tell anyone. So let’s fix that!  

Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds to Kish Camp but we DO strive to make sure you have the best experience EVER! Otherwise, it’s not a camp. The team at Kishshana & Co. will do whatever we need to make sure you are a happy camper.