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19. Serve or Getting Served? Customer Service Orientation feat. Briana McKenzie

In this episode, Kishshana sits down with a long-time friend and customer service expert, Briana McKenzie for an eye-opening conversation about having a Customer Service Orientation mindset if you want your business to thrive.

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18. How parenting today informs your leadership feat. Jelaine Palmer-Janvier Lewis

In this episode, Kishshana sits down with her cousin and parenting coach Jelaine to discuss how our parenting styles show up in our work life and how to separate the two to live a well-balanced life.

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17. How Doubt Can Boost Your Leadership feat. Marc Pitman

In this episode, Kishshana sits down with executive coach and published author Marc A. Pitman for a great conversation about what it means to understand the stories we tell ourselves that do not reflect our management styles and taking control of how we understand our mission within organizational leadership.

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16. Leadership Possible feat. Larnell Vickers, Career Possibility Coach

Kishshana sits down with one of her amazing friends and experienced executive coach, Larnell Vickers. They get down to the nitty gritty on what it means to look further than what’s in front of you or even what’s on your resume.

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15. Weaknesses or Strengths? Exploring Strengths based Leadership feat. Damali Smith Tolson

Kishshana sits down with certified Gallup CliftonStrengths Coach, Damali Smith Tolson to get into the nitty gritty on how can we make our strengths work for us in the corporate sector.

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14. Can I just be Basic? feat. Maria Dautruche

In this episode, Kishshana sits down with a longtime friend and amazing spirit, Maria Smith Dautruche to discuss the idea of just “being basic” as a Black woman.

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13. No Second Guessing, You Are Enough feat. Ify Walker, Offor

In this episode, Kishshana is joined by a long-time friend and inspiration, Ify Walker. Get your pen and notepad and take some notes! There are some gems shared by Ify that take authenticity to a whole new level.

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Season 2 Teaser

In this upcoming season 2, Kishshana will focus on Professional Development. Kishshana is going to talk with armchair experts on authenticity, seeking out possibilities, and thriving.

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11. Season 1 Wrap Up Bonus Episode feat. Bernard Palmer

In this special bonus episode, we are gifted with the words of wisdom of none other than Kishshana’s Jamaican Daddy, Bernard Palmer.

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