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Make Time To Play

Kishshana talks with Rochelle Sodipo about the magic (and necessity) of making time to play as an HOV lane to joy, rest, innovation, and fuel as a leader.

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Leaders Need Love, Too!

Leaders need love too! Why does it feel so challenging to meet amazing humans the more successful we become? Coach Cass breaks down her Real Love success formula.

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I was In Until I was Out

Kishshana and Ajuah have a conversation that explores women of color in the workplace and the winding road we take from honeymoon Helen to “have a nice life” Harriot.

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Can I Really Be Authentic At Work?

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What’s In a Legacy? Generational Wealth and Power of Money

Kishshana picks up the phone to call her resident money expert, Tani Chambers to chat about legacy and significance and leveraging your legacy now and later.

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Get Your Money Mindset RIGHT.

Kishshana is back to talk about money and our relationship with money. Do all roads lead to the coin?

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Martyritis: The Disease Affecting The Busy

Kishshana is back in the studio with reinvention coach, Sharmayne Jenkins. Listen on as we discuss Martyritis: the disease plaguing overworked, TYAD and stressed out leaders.

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Your leadership is sick: The Pandemic Edition

Kishshana takes a minute to reflect on illness and how it plagues leaders.

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Leadership + Life According to my Father

Kishshana chats with her father Bernard Palmer on all things leadership and life. Kishshana is a 1st Gen American and super proud of her Jamaican heritage.

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