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Kishshana Palmer and Let's Take This Offline Season 3 Trailer for Kishmas

28. Let’s Take This Offline: Season 3 Trailer

We are back for Season 3 of Let’s Take This Offline, the podcast for everyday leaders.

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Podcast Episode 27: Can Leaders Be Vulnerable

27. Summer Well Series: Can Leaders Be Vulnerable?

In this week’s episode Kishshana zeros in on faux versus real vulnerability and asks the question, “Can leaders be vulnerable?”.

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episode graphic for Create Your Leadership Roadmap, episode 26 of podcast Let's Take This Offline

26. Summer Well Series: Create Your Leadership Roadmap

Whether in your career, in your faith-based organization, social organizations, or at home, you all have a leadership role. Have you dug into the foundation of who you are so you can create and grow your leadership roadmap?

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episode graphic for Are We Well?, episode 25 of podcast Let's Take This Offline

25. Summer Well Series: Are We Well?

Kishshana checks in on your wellness and well-being and what that really means for you as a leader right now. “Are We Well?” and do you have a wellness game plan?

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episode graphic pause vs planning

24. Summer Well Series: Pause vs Planning

Kishshana talks about all things planning and pausing. She shares her experience with planning in her career and professional life as well as in her personal life. Are you getting caught up in the cycle of planning or are you putting off taking a pause?

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summer series trailer podcast episode for Kishshana Palmer's Podcast Let's Take This Offline sponsored by Bloomerang and focusing on wellness and well-being

Summer Well Series: Grow Where You are Watered

This summer well series is about wellness and well-being. Kishshana talks about what she’s been doing, seeing, and experiencing since ending Season 2 and reminds us that we will grow where we are watered.

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Can I Ask For Help Episode 22 of Let's Take This Offline

22. Can You Ask For Help?

In this wrap-up of Season 2, Kishshana breaks down some of the lessons she learned within this past season about herself and about what it means to be a strong leader. We have to swallow our pride and ask for help when needed.

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Guest Taneshia Nash Laird

21. What If It’s Not Enough? The Comparison Trap feat. Taneshia Nash Laird

In this episode, Kishshana sits with organizational leader and community developer Taneshia Nash Laird to discuss something that is almost human nature but can be so destructive to our growth & mental stability and that is comparing ourselves to others and their journeys.

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20. A Woman Of A Certain Age


Another trip around the sun marks not only a new year but a new outlook on how to approach the year ahead.

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